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English Classes in Your Company

Habling English offers specialised English training to companies in Barcelona and the industrial belt. All classes draw on interesting material and allow the students to enjoy learning English in a friendly environment, where they will be stimulated and encouraged to speak. With flexible timetables and a range of high quality courses developed through direct experience teaching people in a wide range of industries, Habling will have an English programme to suit your requirements.

Why Choose Habling?

formación para negocios Barcelona

With Habling English, you are guarateed a native English teacher with 11 years experience in Barcelona. Whether you are looking for practice for a specific meeting or conference, general improvement in speaking and listening or panicking about that up coming presentation, Habling has the experience to help you help yourself. Take a look at our courses or email us to find out more.

Get The Most For Your Money

With many Business English academies it is naturally left to the teacher to decide on material and adapt the course to the students´ needs. This is why experience counts. But because the teacher only receives part of the fee you pay for your training, they spend more hours in the classroom teaching other courses and have less time for the preparation of your classes.

With Habling English it´s different! Because all of the course fee goes directly to the teacher, you will find that more attention means a better English course for your employees. With Habling English there is no middleman to pay. You will find the prices very competitive but, most importantly, you can be sure that every cent you pay for your training goes directly into the quality of your training.

Native English Teacher in Barcelona